Thank you for your interest in The Berkeley Review. Before you make a major decision and spend between six and nine hundred dollars on an MCAT preparation course, we ask that you first evaluate what you need. Some students need motivation and discipline, while others need to be left alone to absorb the material on their own. One program does not fit all. In realizing this, we have designed our course with a specific type of student in mind. We cater specifically to the student who wants to review and relearn course material. If you want a structure that provides discipline coupled with motivation, high-quality sample passages and questions, and organized material, then we are designed for you.

Our course program is structured to meet the needs of the hard-working student who learns best from live instruction. All of our teaching materials were written to prepare you for the current version of the MCAT. We have designed all lectures and materials from a conceptual perspective, not from a memorization and mathematical perspective. A few sample passages of the hundreds of passages we use can be found in the Home-Study section. We believe that money is better spent improving the quality of course materials, not the quality of advertising materials.

The Berkeley Review's philosophy is simple: Make everything in the course of the highest quality it can be, and take care of every student.

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